Pre-Covid HIPAA Telehealth rules are back starting Jan 21st

If you’ve been delaying the adoption of HIPAA compliant telehealth, you’re going to want to think again. Beginning January 21, 2021, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights (OCR) is going back to pre-Covid HIPAA compliance norms that include working with a HIPAA compliant telehealth provider and having a Business [...]

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Sleep Easy & to Safely Treat Patients Facing Sleep Disorders During COVID

"We’re happy to partner with Sleep Easy to provide a secure service so patients can access the therapy they need for a good night’s sleep” — Vito Lomonaco, Managing Director of Sleep Easy & Announce Strategic Partnership to Safely Treat Patients Facing Sleep Disorders During COVID In a post-COVID world, the way doctors [...]

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6 of the Fastest Growing Specialties Using Telemedicine

“Telemedicine was up 53% before COVID-19 year over year” Telemedicine has been experiencing an escalating slow burn for years as more and more doctors and hospitals begin to offer it. In 2020 demand for Telemedicine has taken off like a rocket. While the COVID-19 may have lit the fuse most expect that an increased demand [...]

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How COVID-19 Has Increased Access to Telemedicine

The year 2020 will be remembered in history for many things. Surely one of the most memorable happenings will be the COVID-19 global pandemic. The list of negative impacts on Americans due to COVID-19 seems to grow daily. However, there is a bit of good news. This public health emergency has given interest in telemedicine [...]

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What is an Originating Site in Telemedicine?

The term “originating site” is defined by Medicare as the place where the healthcare visit begins. In the case of telemedicine, this would usually be the place where the patient is. When a patient sees a doctor virtually, the location of the patient is the originating site. Why are Originating Sites Important? Originating sites are [...]

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2020 Brings Increased Trust in Telemedicine

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought sweeping changes to telemedicine and the comfort level of the American general public in using telehealth technology. While staying home and staying safe many Americans were forced to try telemedicine. According to the nonprofit group FAIR Health in March and April of 2020 private insurers processed claims for telehealth services [...]

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How Has Demand for Telemedicine Grown in 2020?

2020 is seeing an explosion in demand for telehealth services. By August of 2020 telehealth use among Medicare beneficiaries had gone up by more than 11,000%. More people are choosing telemedicine for their healthcare than ever before. Covid-19 has swept the planet resulting in a global pandemic the likes of which most of us have [...]

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What is a Digital First Care Model?

And what does digital first mean for telehealth? The term digital first is becoming part of the wider conversation concerning telehealth services in the world of today’s healthcare dialogue. But what exactly does the term “digital-first” mean? Simply put digital first refers to a model of care where digital or telemedicine is the first choice [...]

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Five Changes 2020 has brought to Telemedicine

2020 has brought tremendous growth to the world of telemedicine.  The COVID-19 pandemic has catapulted telemedicine from an emerging and growing part of modern medicine to what is becoming a cornerstone of medical care in these times.  Changes are happening in telemedicine on all fronts as the demand for reliable access to medical care in [...]

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Top Five Telemedicine features that set HIPAA Video apart

The demand for telemedicine has never been greater.  Telemedicine has been emerging as a resource for providing service to areas where traditional medical services are in short supply.  Places where the population is sparse and face to face medical attention can be difficult to come by are aided by telemedical services.  It has also been [...]

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