The demand for telemedicine has never been greater.  Telemedicine has been emerging as a resource for providing service to areas where traditional medical services are in short supply.  Places where the population is sparse and face to face medical attention can be difficult to come by are aided by telemedical services.  It has also been a valuable resource for Doctors to consult with other doctors and specialists.  Now as the Covid-19 global pandemic is felt throughout the world the demand for secure reliable telemedicine has never been higher.  HIPAA Video is working on filling this unprecedented need for secure HIPAA compliant teleconferencing.


HIPAA Video is committed to being the leader in online healthcare communication.  We understand that patients’ medical information is sensitive and private.  We recognize the importance of handling that information in a way that is completely secure and maintains HIPAA compliance at all times.  At the same time, our telemedicine platform is designed to be easy to use and customizable to the unique needs of providers and healthcare professionals.  Have a look at what sets HIPAA Video apart from the competition.

Telemedicine With No Downloads

HIPAA Video’s telemedicine platform is quick and easy to use with no downloads.  Telemedicine without downloads is convenient and reassuring for users.  Downloads can take a long time and may overload some patient’s systems.  Download speeds and the capabilities and available storage can vary among patients.  In addition, many people are distrustful of downloads.  It is true that malicious downloads can be harmful.  Many people do not feel confident in knowing if a download is safe or not.  They may worry about mistakenly downloading something unsafe. HIPAA Video’s download free system removes these potential patient barriers.


Live Customer Service for HIPAA Video Users

Technology is wonderful, but any new technology can have its growing pains for the user.  When getting started with a new system, or if problems arise later, HIPAA Video is there to support you with live customer service support.  Not being able to access an actual live person to answer questions or provide technical support when you need it is frustrating and inefficient.  Throughout your working day, HIPAA Video has live support available to assist with any issues that may arise.


Secure Telemedicine With End to End Encryption

With our end to end encryption, even HIPAA Video servers cannot monitor the telemedicine video communications hosted on the HIPAA Video platform.  This is an essential part of a commitment to ensure HIPAA compliance to the highest level.  Patients’ medical data is highly confidential.  Our end to end encryption guards against the kinds of hacking experienced by recreational or public video platforms.  Doctors can always choose to have video calls recorded to refer to later.  If a health care provider does choose to have a recording it will be stored on that provider’s computer to maintain compliance with HIPAA standards.

Providing the Highest Level of Security With Azure Government

The HIPAA Video telemedicine platform is hosted in an Azure Government Data Center.  This is a premiere highly secure hosting platform home mainly to US government agencies.  HIPAA Video is uniquely able to offer this exclusive level of security as a partner with the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Azure Government offers the most compliance certifications of any cloud provider.  Operations are controlled by US screened citizens.  Access to Azure Government is available only to US federal, state, local, and tribal governments and their partners.


A HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine Platform at an Excellent Rate

HIPAA Video offers users excellent rates for a HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform with a no-strings opportunity to test it for yourself.   Many competitors will not even disclose the price of their services without a live sales call.  Some platform providers even require the signature of a non-disclosure agreement before providing any practical information about their prices and services.  HIPAA Video gives you an opportunity to truly test out its platform with no long term obligations.  Our 14-day free trial lets you experience our telemedicine platform first hand.  You are able to see how it works for you, how well it can serve your needs as a provider or health care organization, and how well it will serve your patients.